Top 5 Europe Travel Destinations for Anglers

Fishing can be an exciting activity and for passionate anglers, going on a vacation means being able bring their rod and line and spend many afternoons out in the lake, river or sea. So, for anglers planning a vacation, this article is written specially for you. Here are the top 5 Europe travel destinations for anglers:

1. The West Coast, Ireland

Sea fishing at its best with the West Coast’s unspoiled regions which starts from Pigeon Point all the way to Hags Head. The Ireland coastline in the West is filled with numerous islands. The coastline is the perfect environment for a range of marine species especially in the summer where you can even find many blue sharks. It’s not at all uncommon to catch hundred pound Skates in Clew Bay and there’s more than enough mackerel for everyone.

2. Laxá River, Iceland

If you like fly fishing, you will love Laxá River. It’s a one-of-a-kind river that’s considered among the very best in the world because you’ll be able to catch plenty of salmon here. In fact, the average is 20 salmon per rod daily!

If you’re planning to fish here, be sure to book early though because lots of anglers come here during the fishing season which is from late June to September.

3. Orkney Islands, Scotland

This island is an excellent fishing destination if you’re looking to catch some very large trout which average about 4 lbs. You can rent a boat and go to Loch of Swannay. You can also go to Meikle Water which is a 40 acre loch. No permit is required to fish in most of the Orkney lochs and with their brown trout fishing known to be the finest in the whole of Britain, you simply cannot afford to miss it.

4. Tampere Region, Finland

Do you fancy ice fishing on your vacation? Well, if you’re in Finland, you should check out Tampere Region. Fishing season starts in November and you’ll find rainbow trout, perch, pike and zander. Lots of lakes perfect for ice fishing and they’re all pretty close to Tampere. Whether you’re with friends or family, you will have a blast here.

5. Canary Islands, Spain

These tiny islands in the Atlantic have plenty to offer to fishing enthusiasts. There’s Tuna, Blue Marlin, Shark and Wahoo – just take your pick. You can have Marlin fishing in La Isla Graciosa and the fishing tours even provide for all the needed equipment. Keep in mind though that sports fishing require a licence and there’s a fine for those who don’t have one, such as recreational fishing licence, underwater fishing licence and recreational fishing licence from a boat. To get your licence, simply show your passport and pay the required fees.

There’s plenty of fishing destinations in Europe so you’ll never run out of options. Just make sure you have anglers travel insurance so you are fully covered in case of emergency medical treatment. Anglers travel insurance covers the angler and their tackle.