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Top 5 Destinations for Carp Fishing

Fishing is one of the favourite pastimes of people in the UK; this is because of the several lakes and rivers in the state that are open for the residents. Carp fishing, to be particular is mostly done during the warm water seasons like summer and early autumn. Although different kinds of fish can be found on various lakes and rivers, there are still specific destinations where carp fishing is best done. Here are the top five lakes and rivers you can check out.

1. Creedy Lakes

Located at Creedy Manor, Long Barn, Crediton, United Kingdom, the Creedy Lakes are two 18th century spring-fed lakes in picturesque surroundings. It has common and mirror carp which weighs up to 31lbs, hard-fighting koi, green and golden tench, making it one of the best big day water venues in the area.

While fishing, you can also see various kinds of small birds, squirrels and deer and aside from these animals, you will also be in awe with the diverse kinds of flowers and fauna that make the environment even more amazing copy rolex daytona.

2. Beaver Fishery

Beaver Fishery is located at Newchapel, Lingfiel, Surrey. It composes of nine lakes, ponds and the stretch of the Eden Brook. The two lakes called Snipe and Tuscany are the lakes best for carp fishing, they have the mirror and the common varieties of carp that weigh up to 27lbs. Other kinds of fish are as follows: catfish, tench, roach, perch, bream, roach, and pike.

3. Celtic Lakes

Celtic Lakes is in the quiet countryside of Dyfed, Wales. It is composed of 6 lakes with diverse kinds of fish which include the common and mirror carps that weigh up to 30 lbs and a landscape filled with tropical and native plants and flowers. The Celtic Lakes also has a clubhouse wherein you can wine and dine right after fishing.

4. Newbridge Lakes

Another fishing area that you may want to check out is the Newbridge Lakes. Located at Burstwick, East Yorkshire, Newbridge Lakes is composed of a large lake and two small ponds. The lake is about seven acres and is bounded by eight acres of woodland and has heaps of mirror carp that weigh up to 28lbs, crucian, grass and ghost carp, and common carp that weigh up to 30 lbs. The two ponds, namely Skeckling and Hariff also have loads of fish which includes double-figure carp celine 84796 fashion caps.

5. Catch 22 Fishing Centre

Catch 22 is also one of the top 5 destinations for carp fishing. It is located at Lyng, Norfolk and has a 20-acre lake and a smaller lake. Most of the fishes in the lake are the common carp and the rest are mirror carp. Aside from the lake, visitors can also enjoy their tackle shop, their breakfast café, and the two Scandinavian lodges where you can check in.
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