Salmon fishing

Top 10 Destinations for Salmon Fishing

Salmon fishing is a hobby enjoyed by millions around the world. For anglers, there are a few things more exciting as chasing a big Chinook or fishing for a sockeye salmon. Here are ten of the best destinations for salmon fishing enthusiasts:

Kola Peninsula, Russia

The Kola Peninsula in Russia is a remote area where four incredible salmon rivers are found — Rynda, Eastern Litza, Kharlovka, and Zolotaya. Here the salmon swim upstream into a wilderness where only a few men linger. It’s good to come here during the peak season from June to August.

The Rivers in Iceland

Countless anglers head to Iceland because of numerous reasons, like sight fishing thanks to the clear waters of the rivers, as well as the opportunity to fish way up to midnight. And with more than 100 rivers for salmon fishing in the country, there is a lot of fishing to be enjoyed here. The months of July, August and September are considered the best time to go salmon fishing here.

The Rivers in Canada

The rivers of Cascapedia, Bonaventure and Restigouche remain favourites of anglers in Canada. The east coast of the country is blessed with the best Atlantic salmon fishing. The best time to fly here is from June to September.


There are a lot of reasons why Scotland is considered as the home of salmon fishing. One is that you can fish here almost any time of the year, with the peak season happening from the middle of January all the way up to the final week of November.

Alaska, USA

A list of the top destinations for anglers won’t be complete without mentioning Alaska. This U.S. state is rich in salmon fish varieties like silver, sockeye, king salmon, and pink. Anglers can come to Alaska between the months of May to October and expect a bountiful harvest.

New Hampshire, USA

New Hampshire in the United States has the Merrymeeting River which offers challenging opportunities for anglers to catch a big fish. The best time to go here is during May, and anglers will find the river a good site to visit despite lacking riffles and rapids.

Washington, USA

Anglers will be in for a surprise once they visit the state of Washington in the U.S. The months of August and September are ideal, when Chinook salmon are pushing into the rivers to reproduce.


The salmon fishing season here starts in June and lasts until September. Every year, an estimated 600,000 Atlantic salmon go through the fjords and rivers found across the country. If you are lucky, you can catch a 40 pound Norwegian salmon.

South Island, New Zealand

Although New Zealand’s Chinook don’t grow as large as their North American counterparts, there are many rivers that offer good fishing and angling conditions particularly those found on the east side of the South Island.

Torne River, Sweden

Angling is a popular activity in this European country. It has an abundance of fishing waters like the Torne River with 550 kilometers of salmon waters and the Kalix which is good for around 5,000 catches every year.

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