Ferry Ride

The World’s most Beautiful Ferry Rides

Ferries are mistakenly considered by many people as humble and boring ways of transportation but, in fact, these ships provide a relaxing and affordable opportunity to watch beautiful views. Many scenic sights look much better from the water, so mind the following list when planning your next trip.

Alaska Marine Highway System, USA

This Cold and remote American state attracts more and more visitors in recent years. People go there to see dolphins, whales and untouched nature and that’s the reason multiple cruise ships skyrocket their prices. On the other hand, a convenient network of ferries used by locals to get between towns is a great option to see the same beauties without spending a fortune. The ferry ships are equipped with everything you may need, including cabins and cafeteria selling local beer and salmon. The price for two-berth cabin starts with £35 and for cars from £50.

Ilala Ferry, Lake Malawi

Taking a ferry ride doesn’t mean going on open seas. The weekly Ilala ferry departs from Monkey Bay and shows you changing views of various villages and astonishing landscapes. In addition, this service is a lifeline for many communities who depend on its weekly goods delivery, so you’ll see local passengers coming and going thus having a glimpse of remote Malawian life as it is. The ferry stops at such tropical paradise places as Mumbo Island and beautiful white-sand beach called Kaya Mawa. The price starts with just £25 and rises depending on the number of stops.

Star Ferry, Hong Kong, China

Not only natural wonders can be viewed in fascination but man made ones as well. They say the ferry ride from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island is one of the world best value for money trips. Go to the top deck and watch the busy city life and its beautiful skyline. The price starts with just 20p during the week, and with 25p on weekends.

A guide book author and freelance travel writer Chris McBeath described the ferry ride: “A ride aboard Hong Kong’s Star Ferry is crammed with views, and people to create the cheapest multi-cultural, multi-sensory cruise experience in the world.”

Oban Bay to South Uist, Scotland

Scotland is well known for its picturesque views, mountains and coastline. It is also a good and a destination not too remote to enjoy a ferry ride. Nature lovers will appreciate seeing seals, dolphins and whales as well as scenic islands. You’ll pass the islands of Lismore and the Sound of Mull, beautiful Duart Castle, the lighthouse at Ardnamurchan Point and the bay of Tobermory. A single adult ticket starts from £12.

Research ferry trips on your next holiday, get your travel insurance and go do something new.