Vatican city

The Smallest European Capitals to Visit

Europe is known for its diverse art, variations of food, cultural heritage, stunning architecture, great history and the hundreds of landmarks it offers. It has become one of the greatest tourist spots in the world and visiting the continent has become a luxury for travellers.

As mentioned above, there are a lot of places in Europe to visit and a week-long vacation will never be enough to see them all. Each country, each city has its own uniqueness that an adventurer should personally see and feel. So, here is a list of the smallest European capitals that you may want to start off on your vacation.

Vatican City

Vatican City popularly known as “The Holy See” is known as the smallest state in the world with a population of only 842 and an area of about 44 hectares. It is also known for being one of the holy lands for the Catholics.

It is also best known for its cultural sites like St. Peter’s Basilica – where one can find the amazing works of renowned sculptor Gian Lorenzo Barninii and Michealangelo, the Vatican Museums – where artefacts with historical and cultural importance can be found, and the Sistine Chapel – where another work of art of Michealangelo can be found, is the official residence of the pope.

Valleta, Malta

Valleta is known for its Baroque architecture and has around 7,000 residents. It is popular because of its unique churches, museums and palaces in the city, which is the island’s main cultural centre. Few of the historically significant structures include St John’s Co-Cathedral which was formerly known as the Conventual Church of the Knights of Malta.

Another important structure in the city is The Auberge de Castille et Leon, The Magisterial Palace, The National Museum of Fine Arts and The Mediterranean Conference Centre. The city is also visited because of its music, festivals and carnivals – which is held every February.

City of San Marino

The City of San Marino is the capital of the Republic of San Marino. It has a population of around 4, 128 and was founded by several Christian refugees and Saint Marinus in the year 301. The total area of the city is only about 7.09 km2.

Just like all other European countries and cities, San Marino is visited by about 3 million tourists each year. It has become a tourist centre where most of the visitors are Italians. Few of the main sights in the city are the following: Piazza del Titano, Palazzo Publico, Basilica de San Marino, The Three Towers of San Marino, and the Monastery of Santa Clara.

Safety Before Leaving For Your Vacation

Wherever you choose to go, you will want to stay safe in regards to your health and finances. An EU residents travel insurance plan will cover for urgent medical bills, lost baggage, and even delayed flights. Travelling without an EU residents travel insurance policy would force you to pay for your losses right out of your pockets. So get an insurance plan, lay back, and enjoy your vacation.