The Basics of Travelling with Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Getting the best travel insurance by itself can be difficult for some but it gets even more difficult if you have pre-existing medical conditions. This is because the average travel insurance plan will cover everything except for concerns you may already have. They’ll cover medical bills if you get into an accident during your vacation but they won’t cover the hospital fee if you had a heart attack knowing you went on a trip with a pre-existing heart condition. That’s where travel insurances including existing medical concerns is a must.

What you’ll need to give

Right from the start you’ll need to give your insurer all the information regarding your health. A complete medical profile is best since it will show all of your health concerns, medications, and hospital history. This will help the insurance company adjust the final fee they will charge you. It will also make sure that any and all of your pre-existing medical concerns are covered. If you have cancer, a terminal illness, recent surgery, or a recurring medical concern then you need to inform the insurance company first-hand.

If you are pregnant then you will want the insurance company to know! This is very important because you will want maternity coverage during your travels. It becomes crucial if you are in your third trimester. After all, you will want insurance coverage in case you are forced into labour while on vacation. There are hospital bills to pay, medications for the mother, and child care for the newly-born baby.

What you’ll get in return

With all things considered, you’ll now have better travel insurance. You’ll now have the peace of mind knowing your medical condition is also covered during your travels. In case you get sick during your vacation you won’t have to struggle for financial support; the insurance company will now take care of it. But the benefits go beyond just that. This is still standard insurance for travelling consumers and you get all of the usual travel insurances as well.

This means you get covered for stolen or lost items, from your luggage to cash and passports. Delayed, rescheduled, or cancelled trips are also covered. Most likely you’ll also get coverage for other accidents such as car accidents and flight mishaps. You’ll still get coverage for any personal items damage, for car rentals, and others. The only real difference is that now your health condition has been added to the items covered.

Should you declare pre-existing medical conditions?

Many people often question whether it is a good or bad decision in declaring their health conditions while getting travel insurance. The main concern is that you’ll be paying a bit more when you may or may not run into a medical problem while travelling. That’s why some people lie and don’t declare any health issues. The straight answer is a resounding “yes”! It’s better to be safe than sorry. Spending a little extra for your travel insurance is better than getting into an accident and having to shell out all the cash on your own.