Safety Essentials for a Family Trip

As the final countdown begins to millions of family holidays, and hopefully some more cherished memory making, why not take 5 minutes to read on and check that you are prepared with the safety essentials for a family trip to keep your loved ones safe while you are away.

One of the most sensible safety precautions you can take to protect your family is to buy Travel Insurance, such as a single trip travel insurance policy that will provide ample coverage for you and your family if there is an unforeseen medical emergency or accident.  Did you know that most Travel Insurance Policies have a 24/7 Emergency Assistance Service to help with emergencies while you are abroad? They will be invaluable if you are unlucky enough to have a travel mishap while you’re away.

Remember that Pre-existing Medical conditions are not usually covered by travel insurance, so make sure that you check the terms of your policy before you travel and get extra cover if necessary. It could cost you thousands if you don’t.

Make sure you have the best time away by following these safety tips for your family trip:

1. Travel Childproofing Kit

Great for families travelling with young children: Travel Tot, a childproofing kit that allows parents to child-proof hotel rooms. Components of this easy-to-carry and affordable kit can be installed in a few minutes. It includes essentials such as finger pinch guard, electrical outlet plug covers, door knob cover, corner guards, bandages, and many more.

2. Check your Accommodation is Childproof


Even though a lot of tourist accommodation is alert to child safety factors, always scan the room for anything risky, such as sharp, protruding objects, exposed electrical cords, window locks, balcony and pool access etc.

Anti-Theft Bags and Rucksacks

Technology has enhanced bags and rucksacks with anti-theft features. There are robbery resistant bags and slash-proof rucksacks available for travellers.  Slash-proof bags may be a little more expensive than ordinary bags, but these rucksacks and full backpacks have a special mesh armour fabric that is slash proof.  Bag straps are cut-proof, too and these bags come in a variety of styles. Aside from a splash-proof body panel and straps, they have locking zippers and RFID blocking cards/passport slots.  These amazing bags will secure your possessions while you’re on holiday with your family.

4. Family Medication and First Aid Kit


Pack a first aid kit for minor ailments that is portable enough to carry with you all the time while away. Include painkillers, indigestion tablets, anti-diarrhea, travel sickness tablets, allergy medication, anti-bacteria gel, assorted size plasters and sterile dressing, small disinfectant cream, insect repellent, and a digital thermometer and sunscreen. Also, use these top 8 tips to avoid getting sick while travelling. Don’t forget to take enough supply of your Prescribed Medication. Your carry-on luggage should include at least 2 days worth in case your luggage goes missing.

5. Toiletries

If you have children, you can never have enough tissues and wet wipes in your bag.  Also carry hand disinfectants, insect repellent, sunblock, sunscreen, moisturiser toothbrushes and toothpaste.

6. Be Bright, or use a Child Locator Device


No-one wants to experience the nightmare of losing their child at the airport or on a crowded beach, or tourist attraction while away. Dress you kids in bright, distinctive clothing. This will help you spot them easily if they inadvertently drift off. If you’re visiting a very crowded tourist destination, it’s worth considering a child locating device that you can attach to your child’s shoes or belt.  If they go missing, just activate the device and follow the sound.

7. Reusable Water Bottles

Keep the entire family hydrated and travel greener with reusable water bottles. Each member of the family can carry their own bottles. Don’t forget to check the tap water is safe to drink.

8. Zip-top Bags


Different sized Zip-top bags are great for a trip.  They are perfect containers for toys (Lego, toy cars, little trinkets, beads, etc.) and snacks such as pretzels, popcorns, and slices of fruit. Bigger zip-top bags can be used as temporary rubbish bags.  You can also put the kids’ wet bathing suits in them.

9. Extra Snacks and Drinks

Stock up on food and drinks just in case the kids get hungry.  Children can also be picky with food when you’re in a strange, new place and it is a good idea to pack food and drinks that they are familiar with.

10. The Right Clothing for all Weathers


Even if you are travelling to a hot country, take a shawl, sweaters, and light waterproof jackets. They will be useful during your plane journey and in air-conditioned rooms. It can also get cold if you travel to mountain locations.

Also, learn the Tips on Travelling with Oversized and Overweight Baggage.

11. Essential Documents

Take copies of all your family’s travel documents and keep separate from the originals! Keep all essentials with you in your hand luggage, such as Passports, flight tickets, travel insurance, reservations and keep a hard copy of all essential contact numbers just in case.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday with your family and friends!