Non EU Residents Travel Insurance

Non-EU residents travel insurance

Non-European Union residents travel insurance has three options:
  • Annual Multi-Trip
  • Single Trip
  • One Way Trip
These all have an age limit of 70 years old. The Annual Multi-Trip policy provides an unlimited number of return trips as long as the duration of each individual does not exceed 45 days. All the policies cover the whole world so it is exactly what you need to see the furthest corners of the Earth. Wherever you are going, from the Grand Canyon to Tasmania, Zanzibar to Kiev, we will make sure that every day of your trip is covered and protected.

As opposed to Annual Multi-Trip cover, a Single Trip option gives you the opportunity to select return trips with a duration up to 150 days. Whilst getting a final quote, you will need to answer simple questions which will help us to better understand your needs and provide you will the best possible insurance.

We can also provide a One Way Trip insurance policy for up to 17 days in duration. Make sure you read the policy wording carefully to make sure you select the cover that is suitable for you.

Non EU Residents Travel Insurance key features:
  • Unlimited number of return trips on an Annual Multi Trip policy (for trips no longer than 31 days)
  • Return trip duration up to 150 days for a Single Trip option
  • One way trip up to 17 days in duration
  • Extra insurance covers