Travel Insurance Excess Waiver


Excess Waiver is a simple but rather helpful additional extra option that was specially created to cover only the excess on a travel insurance policy. It just covers the insured excess, and if your policy gets an excess loading applied (i.e. because of a sudden illness right before departure), this excess policy will be activated to take the financial pressure off you if you need to make a claim.

Excess waiver insurance is rather new to the UK travellers, but it is a common practice among holidaymakers around the world. This type of a standalone insurance policy proved to be very effective and is now getting more and more established, gaining more and more popularity. Anyone who have ever had to make a claim, knows how inconvenient the financial pressure can be in the moments after unexpected incidents or accidents.


You will be pleased to know that we provide Annual Multi-Trip policies, which means the excess insurance will protect you for the whole year. You can have as many holidays as you need during that period, no matter how many trips you take or which policies you take out.

Please note that, while our policy will cover the policyholder along with all joint policyholders, it can only cover up to one claim made during one period of insurance. If you need to make a claim and use your excess insurance to settle the excess on the claim, then you will simply have to buy another policy to replace it. Holiday insurance policies are quite affordable and thus will save you money that can later be spent on future holidays.

It is as simple as that. Stay safe on your journeys and save money along the way!

  • Cover the Excess on your existing Travel Insurance policy.
  • This can be used in conjunction with ANY travel insurance.
  • Pay on any one claim and in all.
  • Annual Multi- Trip policy for people aged up to 79
  • Pays the excess on a travel insurance policy so that you won't have to.
  • This is a perfect accompaniment to an existing policy if you have a high Medical or Cancellation Excess due to Age or Declared Medical conditions.
  • This is a very cheap way of avoiding expenses if you make a claim due to your declared medical conditions.