Schengen Plus Travel Insurance

Schengen travel insurance

Schengen Travel Insurance is a policy we offer that is the best option for people travelling in the Schengen area. There is so much to see in the European countries and capitals and each of them has something different. It is very quick and simple to get our Schengen insurance, we have researched many travel insurance options to manage our policies and offer you the best prices products with great options and extras.

If you’ve already obtained your Schengen visa and packed your bags ready to travel Europe, you’ll need a decent and reliable insurance policy to keep your mind at rest. Whether you need a Single or Annual Multi-Trip policy, we can tailor something to meet your needs. We are able to provide Schengen travel insurance us to a maximum of 90 days on a Single Trip.

Travel Insurance is an important part of any trip, it’s an unfortunate fact that things do go wrong. Our job is to protect you from all the threats and risks you may face. We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers all over the world so join them and enjoy your travels. Schengen travel insurance key features:
  • single trip and annual multi trip travel insurance options
  • 90 days maximum duration
  • free travel within Schengen territory