Caravan & Motorhome Owners Insurance


This Travel Insurance policy was specially created to financially protect you on your caravan or motorhome journey. Whether you’re taking short trips to return to your favourite spots or explore new places, or long trips to spend your holidays abroad, rest assured that you will be covered by our caravan insurance the whole year. Owners of caravans and motorhomes usually use them as much as they possibly can, when travelling. And often they travel not only with their families, but also with their pets that will be protected and safe with our motorhome insurance!

If you are a caravan or a motorhome owner, you are probably an enthusiastic traveller and like to go on adventures more than once a year. If that’s the case, annual travel insurance combined with caravan insurance will be the optimal option for you, the best you can get for your money. We will provide with a year of carefree travelling by your favourite motorhome or caravan, so you can enjoy your adventures with a total peace of mind.

The main benefits of our Annual Multi-Trip Insurance for Caravan and Motorhome owners are:

  • Up to age 79
  • 120 days any one trip
  • Accepts Pre Existing Medical Conditions subject to screening
  • Includes cover if crossing is missed due to breakdown, RTA, traffic delays etc..
  • Repatriates pets as well as people
  • Very low cost Annual Multi Trip cover
  • Has generous personal possessions sums insured, because you take the kitchen sink!
  • Online integrated medical screening
  • All medical screening is undertaken by the insurers over the phone, a second screening may be required prior to settlement of full balance, if the cruise is above £10,000 pp and significant PEMC have been previously declared.