Anglers Travel & Equipment


Fish2Fly is a very special insurance policy that financially protects both angler and their tackle. This cover is available to those anglers who like to fish and use their own equipment, in the UK or Europe, as well as to those who like to travel worldwide and fish abroad. It doesn’t matter if your tackle is being stored or used while you travel abroad either on holiday, or for special fishing trips overseas.

For your own convenience, you choose the level of cover you need. You can make that choice based on upon the value of your fishing equipment. Our Fishing Tackle Insurance will protect up to £15,000 of angling equipment if it gets stolen or accidentally damaged. This Fish insurance policy will provide financial protection for all anglers who look for new fishing spots and new fish to catch. The Fish2Fly cover will extend from your departure to your arrival, so both the process of travelling and process of fishing are covered.

£2000 Medical expenses are included to this fish insurance policy. If you get injured in an angling related accident and it prevents you from working, the financial compensation will provide you with payment for up to 52 weeks. Fish tackle insurance will also cover tackle theft from locked sheds and unattended vehicles – terms and conditions apply.

For a rather small additional premium you can extend Fish insurance so that you and could travel overseas on holiday and fish in different countries with the comprehensive cover that makes up the Fly part of Fish2Fly policy. It comprehensively insures you, your family, your personal possession and tackle for travel overseas. Our Fish2Fly policy also covers anglers with pre-existing medical conditions with our simple and quick online medical screening you will know if your condition will be covered. An additional premium may apply.

  • Insures Anglers equipment up to the value of £15,000 against accidental damage, loss and theft
  • Territories are UK and EU or Worldwide
  • Has an Annual Multi Trip option which is very cheap, but must be put on top of the equipment cover and can't be purchased on its own.
  • Up to age 79
  • Accepts Pre Existing Medical Conditions subject to screening
  • 31 days any one trip
  • £1000 per person cancellation
  • £1m medical expenses
  • Online integrated medical screening