Over 80s Annual Travel Insurance Facts and Myths

Octogenarians are often thought as those who are in retirement homes, wheelchairs and even sickbeds. But you would be surprised that many seniors aged 80 years old and above are actually seeing the world. Octogenarians are visiting their families abroad, spending extended stays in cruises or simply enjoying luxurious holidays.

Yet some of them have unfavourable perceptions of annual travel insurance, which motivate them not to purchase one even if they are to leave for an extended trip. Some of the more common myths about travel insurance for octogenarians include:

1. Travel Insurance is a Waste of Money

Truth to be told, it’s not only seniors who think this way. Even younger travellers think that buying travel insurance is something that they can skip.

On the contrary, purchasing travel insurance is a small price to pay for the peace of mind it gives to octogenarians. After all, it is not a stretch to state that due to their age, people over 80 years old are more likely to fall to a sudden illness than say, a 20-year old traveller.

Seniors aged 80 years and above are also more forgetful, so there’s a risk that they could lose their baggage while on their way to their destination. But if they have a travel insurance, octogenarians can get a compensation for the lost baggage.

2. Travel Insurance is Expensive

Travel insurance for octogenarians can be more expensive compared to those of younger travellers. The costs of travel insurance for the elderly can also increase if the traveller has a pre-existing medical condition.

But getting sick and hospitalized in a foreign country is definitely more expensive compared to paying travel insurance premiums. Seniors who suddenly get sick while on a holiday may also have to be airlifted back to their home countries, thus further jacking up their medical expenses.

In reality, travel insurance does not have to be that expensive. Seniors aged 80 years and above who like to travel a lot could opt for an annual, multi-trip insurance instead of buying a single-trip policy every time they go out of the country.

Also, there are a lot of insurance providers who give extra benefits to seniors who purchase annual multi-trip insurance policy, like additional coverage for last minute or emergency trips.

3. Travel Insurance is Unnecessary If You Have Credit Cards

What most people don’t realize is that travel insurance available on credit cards normally cover only travel-related accidents, and not illnesses. Thus octogenarians should not consider credit cards as an alternative to travel insurance, since their credit cards won’t provide full coverage the way a regular travel insurance does.

These are just some of the myths that most people have with annual travel insurance for octogenarians. The bottom line is that travel insurance should not be perceived as an additional burden or expense to travellers, even for those aged 80 years old and above. Having a travel insurance has its benefits despite the high premiums that may go with it.