Over 80 travel

Over 80? It’s High Time to Go on Your Dream Trip

Just because you’re over 80 it doesn’t mean you can no longer go on your dream trip across the world. As a matter of fact, being in that age range makes it even more important to take that vacation. If you haven’t gone yet, what are you waiting for? Just make sure you have suitable travel insurance when you make those travel plans.

Getting travel insurance for people over 80

You’ll first need to think about what kind of insurance you will get. Generally there are two types: single trip travel insurance and annual travel insurance. Single trip will cover you for one trip, from a delayed departure flight to medical bills while on your vacation. However, if you are planning several trips then you will want an annual plan instead. It will cost you more but that one-time fee isn’t just for one trip – it will cover you all through-out the year.

Then you need to find one that covers people in your age range. There are general travel insurances but you will want one specifically for people over 80. This is because your needs will be different than those in their 20s.

What your over 80s travel insurance should cover

The most obvious factor to check is the medical coverage. Will the travel insurance plan cover hospital fees in case of accident? What about medications and emergency transportation? If you got into a car accident, will it cover the damages for the other party as well? What are the financial limitations for your plan: does it cover medical bills up to £5 Million or more? These are questions you should ask when looking into your travel insurance for over 80.

Travel coverage

People over 80 are often victim to stolen luggage, lost cash or passports, and legal issues while abroad. That’s why travel insurance specifically for over 80s is important to consider since it caters to this age-group’s needs. This type of travel insurance will cover travel losses such the aforementioned as well as delayed flights, postponed travel plans, and personal liability concerns. You want to make sure that you will enjoy your vacation and a good travel insurance plan will guarantee that. You don’t want to spend important free time going over medical bills and travel costs.

A lot of people ask whether or not it’s too late to get travel insurance for over 80s. The truth couldn’t be further from that. Travel insurance for over 80s is crucial for your safety and enjoyment. Hopefully it never happens to you on your trip but the fact is that accidents happen all the time and you don’t want one to ruin your vacation. Knowing that all losses, delays, medical issues and travel setbacks are covered can grant you peace of mind. At the age of 80 and beyond, that alone is worth the price.