europe for foodies

Must Visit Places in Europe for Foodies

Like food? If you do, and you count yourself as a bona fide foodie, then travelling the globe in search of the perfect dish shouldn’t sound so insane.

If you’re on that hunt for the ideal dish, for that perfect blend of ingredients, then you know that the world has lots of famous countries where you can dive into the local dishes. Asia is pretty popular for its variety – Chinese food, Indian, Filipino food, and Thai food are all very different – but you can’t deny European choices either.


Spain is where the hunt for spices began. A lot of Mexican and Filipino food is influenced by Spanish food so you know you’re in for a treat when you go to motherland of foreign delicacies. The Cava Baja, in the heart of Madrid, is home to several tapas (also known as pintxos) hot spots. If you want to try a diverse selection of Spain’s finest then you should also give the Salamanca district a visit as well.

In recent years, the foodie capital has shifted towards Basque county instead of Barcelona. You’ll find fresh anchovies, mid-day cafes, exotic squid dishes, and of course numerous pintxos bars.


How can you search for the best food without ever taking step into France? The land of lovers, art, and exquisite coffee is also the land of excellent pastries. There are four very special and well renowned choices that any foodie must try when stepping into Paris:

• Crepes Suzette – very thin slices of pancakes that are also served with 100% organic orange sauce
• Pommes Frites – ever tasted French fries from France? That’s exactly what Pommes Frites are but now made in their natural home, through natural French home-baking methods
• Croissant – croissants have invaded every cafe in the world but none of them are as good as those made in France. Served with hand-whipped cream and sugar, French croissants are the very essence of French pastries
• Tarte Tatin – tarts can be tasty or they can be a disaster. That is not the case with the Tarte Tatin, a tart served upside down and paired with apples


There are two places in Italy that every foodie must visit: Bologna and Rome. Both are known for large meals (a single meal could consist of three to four courses), excellent pasta, and a rich history of coffee. You will want to give some time to try Spaghetti a Cacio e Pepe, a unique but simple dish that combines pasta with pepper and pecorino romano cheese.

There’s also the Bucatini all’Amatriciana, spaghetti served with sauce that’s made from pecorino romano cheese, chilli, guanciale, and tomatoes.

Must-Haves Before You Travel

Before you step into your journey for the perfect dish there are a few things you’ll want to secure. First you’ll want an EU Residents Travel Insurance package to keep you medically covered wherever you go. EU Residents Travel Insurance is crucial for staying safe on the road. Then you’ll want to check if your visa and passport will get you through the different countries without a special pass. Lastly you should make sure you carry a physical map, not just a digital one in your phone, so you always know where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going.