How to Travel Worldwide Like a Pro

Traveling for the first time? You can save on time and money if you follow these tips on traveling worldwide. You don’t really need to be a jetsetter to know how to travel worldwide like a pro. Heeding these pieces of advice from the experts would help you travel around the world without burning a hole in your pockets.

Remember though that you are encouraged to have expat travel insurance before leaving. With an EU residents travel insurance, you can shield yourself against out-of-pocket expenses that may arise during your trip.

How to Book Flights
There are many ways to secure cheap flights. One of the most proven is to book weeks before your departure. Did you know that according to a study conducted by the Airlines Reporting Corporation, the best time to buy tickets is six weeks before your travel?

Likewise, make sure that you are on the first flight of the morning because it usually is the cheapest flight during the entire day. If that’s not possible, book a flight that departs during or after lunch.

You should also be on the lookout for ticket discounts on Facebook and Twitter, as many airline companies announce special offers on their social media accounts. It also helps if you would search around for discounts on the official websites of airline companies instead of relying on third-party discount websites.

If you are feeling a bit adventurous, you could also take last-minute trips. Airline companies cut prices especially if they can’t fill planes for a weekend trip.

How to Pack Your Things
Another way to keep your travel costs down is packing light as you won’t have to pay extra for your baggage. The first thing you need to learn in packing is to write down your agenda for the entire trip. Are you attending a business meeting? Or would you spend much of your time in the beach? By knowing what you’ll be doing for the duration of your trip, you can determine the types of clothes and accessories that you would need.

Start with the must-haves, meaning the travel items that you could not leave behind. You should also reuse and recycle your wardrobe basics, and wear the heaviest piece of clothing like jacket and boots to the airport so you don’t have to pack them in your bags.

Cut Down on Your Smartphone Roaming
One of the many mistakes that travellers make when they are on a foreign soil is using their smartphones to check their mails or browse their Twitter feed. When they come back, they are usually shocked by the big bills they get from their mobile service providers.

Before you leave, check your smartphone settings. Turn off the data roaming setting, so that there would be no chance that any app would download expensive data. In case you need online maps, download these things in advance. The same goes for your in-flight entertainment like music, movies and podcasts.

These are just some of the tips to remember when you travel. But before you leave, make sure you have expat travel insurance. With an EU residents travel insurance, you won’t have to worry about emergency expenses like hospitalization should you find yourself sick during the trip.