How to Plan your Backpacking Travel Budget

The following 14 tips are invaluable for a good backpacking travel budget plan. The less unexpected mishaps you have during a trip, the better.

1. Mindful itinerary planning allows you to see the most of every place you’ll visit without having to return or to wait. Research your destination and interesting places nearby, find out the best time for visiting each point of your interest and plan your travel schedule.

2. Estimate daily travel costs, add some extra and try to keep to that sum.

3. Monitor ticket booking websites to know the best time for buying your tickets. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy them in advance while sometimes the prices go down rapidly as the departure date is coming.

4. Choose the right time to travel. Everyone knows that tourism peak seasons make prices soar while during any other part of the year you’ll get practically the same for less.

5. Find out the money matters such as the exchange rates, foreign ATMs usage specifics, places where you can use cash or card, etc.

6. Check various packing lists available online, choose the one that suits you and follow it when packing.

7. Find out the weather conditions in your travel destination and pack accordingly. Always take some warm clothes, just in case.

8. Use packing guides to make your backpack as small as possible which would save you money at the airport.

9. Find and book cheap places to stay such as hostels, camping or apartments that are part of Couchsurfing program. Doing so in advance can save you money and give peace of mind whilst travelling.

10.  Consider the best mean of transport for you. Sometimes a night train travel can substitute a night in a hostel, taking you to the next place to see and allowing saving at the same time. Another good option is travelling on a ferry – this is usually a cheap option and is also a good chance to enjoy beautiful surroundings.

11. Invite your friends to travel with you. Renting a big room in a hostel is always cheaper or even the cheapest way to spend the night abroad. Renting a car is also much cheaper for a group of travel companions.

12. Make sure to have reliable travel gear. A good waterproof backpack, good shoes, tent and clothing are must-haves for a good trip. The better they are, the less chance you have of anything breaking so you have to buy new items abroad.

 13. Read travel forums and travellers’ reviews for the places you go to and the services you plan using. Information from the other travellers is always useful.

 14. Take out backpacker travel insurance to protect your tight travel budget from unexpected shortening. Nobody is safe from accidents but it’s in your power to get covered for them.

Plan your backpacking trip carefully and travel safe!