How to Pick the Best Value European Cruise

There is no denying that Europe has numerous attractions that would make it perhaps the most visited continent in the world. Europe has so much to see that a week is never enough to see all its tourist attractions, savour the cuisine, and interact with the locals. So what’s the best way to experience Europe?

Going on a European cruise is a great way to experience Europe, in terms of costs and time. Compared to touring by land, a European cruise is much cheaper. Boarding a cruise ship will cover not only the accommodations but meals and entertainment too. Cruising in Europe can also give you the chance to visit a variety of European cities in a matter of days; something that’s hard to do if you tour by land.

But how much would a European cruise cost? It would depend on various factors like the season. During the peak season, a typical seven-night cruise without airfare costs will run from $2,000 to $3,000 (minus tax). A longer stay of 10 to 15 nights could balloon to $5,000 minus the airfare.

Cruise Rate Packages
So how do you choose the best value European cruise? One of the tricks is to check the cruise rate packages. Many cruise line companies are now bundling pre and post-cruise costs in their packages, such as accommodations and land tours. Check what is included in the cruise rate packages, and determine whether freebies like wine and beer can be purchased separately. It’s up to you to decide which add-ons you can leave out.

Book Early
Booking early is one of the best ways to nab the best deals. Cruise lines reward tourists who book early by giving them the best prices upfront. The fares of cruise ships usually increase as the sailing date grows closer, although the rates may also drop significantly based on the availability of spaces. Booking early can give you as much as 50% in savings. Aside from getting the cheapest rates, you also get the first crack at itineraries, cabins and dates. Perhaps even better, you can also book your flights and hotel early. But this does not mean that you should never book a few days before the start of the cruise. Sometimes, cruise lines drop their fares to as much as $500 or more depending on the availability of spaces. But of course, it’s like a gamble — waiting for last-minute deals that turn out to be a dud means missing out on a European cruise of your choice.

Cruise Travel Insurance
And before leaving for a European cruise, don’t forget to buy cruise travel insurance. This could spare you the expense should the worst happen, and let you get on with exploring Europe in style.