How to Find Travel Insurance for Non-EU Residents?

If you live in the UK but are not a resident, you might think that you will not be able to get travel insurance for your next trip to a foreign destination. You may find it hard to get travel insurance that matches those of your peers who reside in the UK or in countries that belong to the European Union. However, there are many legitimate companies that offer reasonable travel insurance policies for people who are based in the UK but are not yet residents.

A Non-UK Resident

If you have resided in the UK for under 183 days or 6 months of a tax year, you are still not considered a UK resident. However, please note that there are certain situations in which you can be considered a UK resident. People with family ties in the UK, those who are members of societies and attends events regularly in the UK, individuals with businesses based in the UK and those who have properties in this country are often considered UK residents.

If you fit into one of these situations, then you could find yourself classified as a resident of this country faster than the standard 183 days. Please keep in mind that residents of the European Union can avail of policies similar to those of UK residents. However, people who are non-EU residents may not enjoy the same coverage.

Travel insurance policies for non-EU residents

If you are a non-EU resident, you still can benefit from affordable travel insurance. The policies include Single-trip and even Annual Multi-Trip policies. You can find insurance policies which cover long stay travel insurance, winter sports travel insurance or backpackers policies as well. However, please note that the prices vary, based on the company you choose.

Most travel insurance for non-EU residents include cancellation and delay, medical cover, personal possessions, personal money, legal expenses and also documents or passports. The Annual Multi-Trip policy covers all return trips within the year. The maximum duration of each trip is usually under 45 days. The duration of a single trip policy is generally under 150 days. Please note that in most cases, people over 70 years of age cannot avail of this policy. The amount of coverage will depend upon the company you choose. Please note that it would be best to look for a policy that can promise a higher coverage sum. However, keep in mind that you have to consider your budget as well.

If you are interested in travel insurance for non-EU residents for yourself or family members, please make sure that you do business with a reputable company. You might want to find options by going to online forums or asking for advice from others who have done this before you.