How to Find Cheap Fishing Insurance in the UK

Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies in the United Kingdom. Thousands of Englishmen go to various parts of the country, and even abroad, just to take part in competitions or simply spend a quiet afternoon fishing.

Fishing insurance may sound like something anglers won’t even think of, but the reality is that getting an anglers travel insurance is a wise move for anyone who enjoys fishing. After all, rods and reels are not cheap. Other investments of anglers like baits, flies, and lures also cost a lot.

Likewise, only a few insurance policies cover injuries while taking part in fishing, or protect owners of sports equipment like fishing gear. And it can cover replacement on unattended vehicles, given that anglers usually have to park their cars and leave it for a day or two while practicing the sport. These are just some of the reasons why anglers of any level should seriously consider getting a specialist fishing insurance.

Fishing travel insurance usually covers theft, damage, and accident loss protection on all anglers’ equipment. The coverage also covers replacement for old and unattended vehicle that was stolen while the angler was away to practice his sport.

An angler’s travel insurance also protects the insured person against temporary disablement and personal accident. Some insurers even go as far as offering a policy extension to cover risks associated with this type of hobby. Most insurers, likewise, offer benefits like reimbursement of match and club fees.

Just like in shopping for any type of service or product, one of the best ways to get the cheapest fishing travel insurance premium is to shop around. Anglers who want the best priced fishing travel insurance should ask for quotes from multiple insurance providers. This way, they can compare fishing insurance policies in terms of pricing, coverage, and limitations.

Quotes from insurance companies are usually free. These can be accessed online, with almost all insurance firms providing free fishing insurance quotes through their websites. Alternatively, anglers can call up an insurance company and ask for a fishing insurance quote.

Fishing insurance coverage will vary depending on the inclusions of the policy. Ideally, the fishing travel insurance should provide protection against theft, damage, and accidental loss on all fishing equipment. Likewise, it should protect the angler against loss of unattended vehicles which are at least two years old.
Some fishing insurance policies also come with temporary disablement as well as personal accident cover, and even public liability. Additional benefits include reimbursement for club and match fees that anglers can get if they are unable to participate due to sickness or injury.

Of course, the more coverage that a policy has, the greater chance that the premiums are high. Aside from the need to compare fishing insurance prices and coverage, anglers will also have to decide on the payment options, with monthly and yearly plans the most commonly offered options to fishing enthusiasts.

The bottom line is that fishing insurance is not a luxury at all for anglers. With a fishing travel insurance, anglers can leave their worries behind and concentrate on what they love best.