How to Find Annual Travel Insurance for Over 80s?

Travelling is an experience that should be enjoyed by any person, regardless of age. Even seniors have the right to see the world despite their advanced age. That’s why there are a lot of insurance companies that offer travel insurance to people aged 80 years and above.

But the truth is that people who are in their 80s are always at a disadvantage when it comes to travelling. For one, they need extra care and precaution when travelling especially abroad. A 20-hour flight from the United Kingdom to Asia is gruelling enough for young adults. So what more for people who are in their 80s?

Octogenarians are also perceived by many insurers as high-risk. Their advanced age can make them more prone to getting sick on the road. Conventional wisdom dictates that an older a person gets, the more likely he or she gets injured or sick.

Aside from age, there are two other things that insurers look at before granting travel insurance for travellers aged 80 years old and above. These are the length of their stay, and the activities they would do during their holiday.

Insurers are particularly interested to know the activities that the person would do during their holiday. If the tourist is more likely to stay indoors and don’t plan to participate in adventurous activities, a limited coverage plan may be offered by the insurance company.

Likewise, the length of stay of the traveller will also be a factor in the type of insurance policy that he or she gets. Essentially, the longer that the person plans to be away from home, the higher risks that he or she gets sick or injured. So if the person intends to be on holiday for an extended period, the greater chance that he or she will be subjected to a higher policy maximum.

Shopping for Annual-Multi Trip insurance

Over 80’s who are frequent travellers are advised to apply for an annual travel insurance instead of a single trip policy. As the name suggests, annual travel insurance covers multiple trips. This is ideal for 80 year olds who take more than one trip annually.

Similar to looking for a travel insurance, people are advised to shop around first when looking for this type of policy. Travellers aged 80 years and above should ask for quotes from multiple insurance providers.

After comparing quotes and coverage from several insurers, you should assess your holiday plans. Their travel plans, length of stay, and types of activities that they intend to participate in would determine the policy that matches your needs.

Of course, the Internet is a good resource for reviews on companies that offer travel insurance policies to seniors. Once octogenarians have narrowed down their choice to a couple of policies, they should read the product disclosure statements carefully. This way, they’ll be able to familiarise themselves on the features, benefits, and limits offered by each policy. There are also websites that compare quotes from multiple insurance providers.