afford travelling frequently

How to Afford Travelling More Frequently

If you are irrevocably infected with the wanderlust, you’ll find travel opportunities everywhere despite your travel budget type. The truth is, the more you save on the travelling expenses, the more you can travel. And here are simple ways of how to afford travelling more than you think you can.

Planning Ahead

Being spontaneous and heading to where the travel bug calls you is exciting but it is often expensive. On the contrary, planning your next trip in advance down to the smallest details always saves you time and money. Monitor flight prices because we all know they can change drastically depending on a date you book. Sometimes, buying tickets several months before a flight is much cheaper while in other cases buying them just a week or even a couple of days in advance can save half the price. Know your airline and do a little research.

Also, plan ahead what you will do in your destination. Many cities offer special passes with significant discounts for the most popular tourist attractions, museums and exhibitions. Having a precise plan will enable you to set the right budget for each day. And knowing the exact sum you need for a trip will help you to save for it.

Defining Priorities

Let’s be frank, you won’t be able to say that you’ve seen Italy after a only week-long trip there. So, instead of trying to do everything and to be everywhere, focus on one or two travel destinations per trip, depending on its duration, research it well and explore the place from various angles once you are there. Such an approach is much cheaper and more meaningful.

Knowing your priorities also helps compromising on what is less important. Eating in a restaurant abroad is nice but can work out to be expensive so eating in a small café or bistro allows you to save for one more day of travel. In the end, impressions matter. However, this wouldn’t affect the food quality since small cafes are often family-run, friendly and offering home-made true ethnic cuisine.

In addition, staying in hostel may not be the most convenient way of spending the night, but you’ll meet many other travellers and have interesting conversation with them while sharing a meal.

Starting with Small

Selling everything you have and buying one-way ticket to another part of the world sounds bold and adventurous, but it’s not the only way to see the world. Start by visiting lovely places of your own country to get some travel experience. Sometimes we know more about remote cities than about the ones we live next to. The more you travel, no matter how far, the more confident and experienced you become and that broadens your horizons, makes you see the opportunities and motivates you to save more.

Rethinking your vision of travelling is never too late to do. Try new things and approaches, learn from others and listen to yourself. Remember to always take care of your safety. If you know you’ll have several trips within a year, take out annual multi-trip travel insurance that will save you money and trouble.