Europe travel insurance

Going to Europe? Learn What Travel Insurance to Take

Purchasing travel insurance is a wise choice given unpredictable events like natural disasters, sickness, and injury. Even if you’re headed to Europe which is considered one of the most peaceful and tourist-friendly continents in the world, you would do well to have a Schengen travel insurance to protect yourself against unforeseen events and out-of-pocket expenses.

There are numerous types of travel insurance policies that you can choose from. These policies range from trip cancellation insurance, flight delay insurance, lost baggage insurance, and medical emergency insurance to comprehensive travel insurance.

Buying a travel insurance policy is as important as securing a Schengen visa. With a Schengen travel insurance, you can go to Europe and enjoy its sights, attractions and culture without having to worry about unfortunate occurrences like missing a flight, losing your luggage, or getting sick.

Trip cancellation insurance is a type of coverage that gives you compensation in case of a trip cancellation or interruption. In case your trip gets cut because of an illness, injury, or death to your immediate family, this type of insurance will give you financial compensation. However, most insurers who offer this type of insurance deny claims to trip cancellations due to war and civil disturbance.

Medical insurance includes several kinds of coverage. One is emergency medical evacuation which pays for the cost of transportation if you are to be evacuated for treatment to the closest medical facility, as instructed by a qualified physician. This insurance is ideal if you are to go on a cruise, or visit remote areas in Europe. This would come in handy if you get injured while on a skiing adventure in France, and you need to be airlifted for emergency medical evacuation.

There is also an insurance coverage for baggage loss or delay. This will protect you should your luggage gets lost, stolen or delayed. Typically, insurers will give you cash payment in case your bags are delayed for 12 hours or more after you arrive at a European airport.

In case your flight gets delayed or cancelled, you’ll be paid for accommodations, meals and travel arrangements if you have a flight delay or cancellation insurance coverage. You can also purchase travel document insurance which would help you replace travel documents like passport or Schengen visa in case these are lost or stolen.

Lastly, there’s annual travel insurance which is a more practical choice for frequent travellers. Most annual policies have coverage for medical evacuation, lost luggage, and treatment costs for injury and illness. There are also benefits in the event of loss of life.

With the many types of insurance coverage you can choose from, it can be very confusing to choose a policy for your European holiday. The key is to compare Schengen insurance policies not just in terms of rates but also coverage. You should also take into consideration other factors like the length of your European vacation and the activities you will be taking part in. Ask for quotes from multiple insurance companies, compare Schengen insurance coverage, and choose one that best addresses your needs.