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Europe’s 5 Best Destinations for Wine Lovers

Holidays are often planned around an individual’s specific interests. Many different food interests draw visitors to international destinations and one of these is wine.

Wine connoisseurs make up a large population of travellers from around the world. As they plan their trips to taste the best cuisine that a country has to offer, they ensure that they spend special time tasting wines that are distinct in the region they will be in.

But aside from visiting wine bars and posh restaurants, one of the itineraries that is unique in a wine connoisseurs’ agenda is the visit to premium vineyards. There are various areas in many countries around the world that are popular for their vineyards. Europe, most specifically, has some of the oldest and most distinct wine country in the world.

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Take a look through this list before you make a final commitment to your travel plans and decide which of the best destinations for wine lovers you’re willing to visit.

1. Tuscany, Italy

Italy is a popular tourist destination for many reasons. One of these is the fact that this particular region specializes in the production of many popular wines. This area is known for some very specific types of grapes resulting in both red and white wine varieties. Part of the enjoyment of this area of Europe is the ability to visit the vineyards, taste the wines, and enjoy the wide range of wine options in many different locations. You can order Tuscan wine in local restaurants and souvenir shops as well as in one of the many in the area wineries.


2. Spain

This area of Europe offers many new twists on wine making. Wine making is often about tradition; however, this area gives new methods and ideas a try. The results are often spectacular and unique. You shouldn’t miss tasting the robust and sparkling wines that come from this area because they will definitely be hard to forget. While the wines are often contemporary, the landscape and villages remain traditional and welcoming, which makes Spain a great place to visit not just for the wine connoisseurs but also for those who want to relax and explore the countryside.


3. France

It can’t be denied that the wines from France have now become household names all over the world. Most of these are specialty red wines and are of the highest quality. Tourist activities go beyond the traditional vineyard tours and wine tasting opportunities. There are classes available to learn more about the process and regional flavours of wines in the area. Well-known varieties include merlot noir, cabernet sauvignon, and Malbec.


4. Greece

Greece has many vacation and historical opportunities to offer. The wine industry is also one of these. The Santorini area of Greece offers a walk into the past of wine making. The region focuses on traditional white wines and those that go best with desserts. These sweeter varieties are a specific discipline of this beautiful country and have taken years to perfect. The beauty of wine lies in its connection to the land. Each wine from around the world brings the flavour of the land with it. The clear, fresh air of the Greek countryside is apparent in the wines they produce.


5. Germany

The landscape in the German wine country will bring you back to nature and allow for some beautiful outdoor adventures. Many of the wine tours follow a path that can be accessed by foot and bike, making the tours a complete experience. Thousands of years have gone into the wine production in this area, connecting it to the Romans and Celts. One defining factor of several vineyards is the lack of flat growing land. Many of the grapes are grown on vertical inclines. You will see excellent use of the available land in this region.


Explore the Vineyards of Europe

Wine tours go far beyond simple tasting of drinks and viewing the farming and production processes. The European vineyards mentioned above have a rich history and unique qualities. The wine culture brings the past into the present for everyone to enjoy. The vast availability of wine producing areas allows for each visitor to find something that appeals to their individual interest. Research your options and the history before your decide on an area, and invest in your travel safety in advance so you can get the most out of your trip.