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Best Motorhome Camping in Europe

Have you ever thought of camping in Europe? If yes, then why don’t you do it aboard a motorhome? This way, you’ll get to enjoy the place and at the same time feel that you’ve never left home. One of the most excellent ways to explore Europe is through camping and using a motorhome, RV or a camping van is an ideal choice for family travels.

Few people seem to be aware of how easy and cheap this is. UK camping is usually characterised by comfort despite its very cheap price. Here’s a list of the top motorhome camping destinations every traveller should not miss:


Tuscany is one of the best picks for travellers who want to set up a base in the Chianti Hills. This site is perfect for a family or group of friends and every age range. In addition, it’s quite easy to travel to Florence from here, taste wine, ride horses or discover the whole countryside from a luxury base. Water parks are such a big hit in this part of Europe. Most families would even say it’s quite addictive and fun to visit such.


Travellers usually camp at the charming site in St Emilion – the pretty town in Bordeaux. This place is surrounded by vineyards which are quite easy to navigate through bikes. Even kids would love bicycling in this place. The restaurant, tennis court, lake, playgrounds, pools and ducks all add to the one-of-a-kind enchantment that this particular place provides.


The Dubrovnik resort is a popular motorhome camping site which included kid’s clubs, hotel, pools, beaches and anything you could possibly want. In fact, this place was known to be Mozart’s favourite. Travellers who pass by Dubrovnik make it a point to camp in this site. Perhaps this is due to the regular free ice cream party as well as the large campsite. If you stayed here for a month, you’d find it difficult to leave.


Who wouldn’t want to camp in Venice? If you want to see the real Venice, it’s best to setup a camp. You’d get to enjoy the pools, beaches, every possible convenience as well as a gorgeous boat ride that will take you to St Marco’s Square. You’ll never run out of choices since there are numerous 5-star camping resorts to choose from.


When you camp in Barcelona, the first thing that you’d notice is its homely atmosphere. You could even have your groceries delivered. Also, you’ll get to know a lot of Northern Europeans who regularly camp in these grounds. Aside from being known as a sporting place, Barcelona is also popular for its warm and courteous people.

So, what are you waiting for? Get motorhome travel insurance and book for a trip to any of these popular European places. If you want peace of mind knowing that you’re safe during your stay, it is highly recommended that you purchase a motorhome travel insurance. The small amount that you’ll invest today will surely help you a hundredfold in case something untoward would happen during your journey.