Best Cruise Destinations to Escape Cold Winter

Planning to escape the winter winds? There is nothing better than to get away from the cold and simply enjoy a nice cruise trip to some of the most beautiful sunny getaways. If you don’t know where to plan your trip then why not take a moment to consider this list of great cruise destinations to escape the cold winter:

The Bahamas

This won’t be a good list if it doesn’t include the Bahamas, the ultimate sunny getaway all year round. If you’ve ever dreamed of experiencing the same sights and wonders that the pirates did centuries ago then this is exactly where you’ll want to start.

You can get a ride from New York and other East Coast cities but the best place is from Florida. Since Florida is already pretty close it’ll be a short trip to through the Caribbean seas to your destination.

The Bahamas is littered with private islands, beautiful beaches, and numerous activities at Freeport or at Nassau. From the Bahamas you can choose to go on other Caribbean excursions such as additional cruises that will take you through Barbados.


When people think of cruise destinations they don’t often think of Hawaii but there are a lot of great things to do here and you don’t need to ride in a plane. Using Honolulu as a starting point you can easily trek through all of the major islands with one cruise trip, giving you quite the opportunity for a traveller’s gallery if you’re fond of taking pictures or videos.

Hawaii has a very diverse culture, stemming from its Pacific origins. You’ll also find blends of history, cuisine, and culture crossing from Mexican origins, Asian origins, and more. It’s also home to some of the best beaches all year round.

Southeast Asian Nations

Cruising in Southeast Asia can be daunting but there are three main places you’ll want to visit: Vietnam, the Philippines, and Cambodia. Cambodia is already making headlines after years of political turmoil and is now becoming one of the hottest tourist spots in the world. It is only where a lot of Hollywood celebrities go when they think of an Asian cruise trip.

The Philippines is a vast archipelago of over seven thousand islands (7,000). Located near the equator it is a tropical country that is home to thousands of small beach havens. The island known as Boracay and the Palawan islands are the most famous for cruise trips.

Vietnam on the other hand has been home to new cruise packages that also include voyage through China and Macau. You might also find a cruise package that takes you through the length of the South China Sea and the countries in between.

Just Stay Safe

Wherever you go to escape the cold, you’ll want to stay safe with some of the best cruise travel insurance. Cruise travel insurance will cover medical emergencies, delayed or cancelled cruise trips, lost baggage, and more. You never want to be in a foreign land with bills or losses that have to paid out of your pockets. Having insurance is a good way of keeping secure so you can simply enjoy the view.