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Air Travel with Medical Conditions

One of the most important benefits of purchasing travel insurance is the awareness that should anything go wrong while you’re away, you will not have to spend a fortune for it.

As with all types of insurance policies, it’s vital to read the contents of the coverage. This is to ensure that the document includes all the essential clauses that will keep you fully covered during your trip. If you are travelling to enjoy most of the country’s sporting or backpacking sites, then it is suggested that you get comprehensive medical insurance. Many adventurous or sporting individuals avail of this type of insurance since a lot of their activities increase the risks of injury.

Risks that are not Covered

Some risks may not be covered while others may only be made effective for a limited time during the covered period. Policies differ quite a bit so it really pays to shop around when you still have the time to do so. Better yet, you may consult a specialist to try and locate a policy which would cover all your planned activities at no additional cost.

Travel insurance comes in different forms but most plans for UK residents consist of the following types, although it’s always best to read the wordings of the policy to know what’s covered and what’s not. Also, different plans may offer bundled benefits or separate categories but under one title.

1. Emergency Medical Treatment

This type of plan covers expenses for an emergency medical treatment. Usually, this involves getting treatments at a hospital. Also, prior authorization by an insurer is usually necessary if the expected cost is likely to be more than the fixed amount that was stated in the policy.

2. Emergency Medical Assistance

This would include the costs of bringing somebody to a hospital, whether it be by road ambulance, sea or air rescue. As a traveller, it is your duty to verify that you’re covered for the particular activities that might necessitate emergency medical attention. Aside from injuries, this policy likewise covers sickness.

3. Cancellation, Curtailment and Trip Interruption

This kind of insurance answers for any financial loss that are unrecoverable by other means; an example of which includes:

• lost deposits
• non-refundable transport costs

These are costs that a traveller would suffer from as a consequence of cancelling or cutting the trip short or returning home earlier than the scheduled departure date. Common reasons why people claim under this policy would include unexpected and sudden death or illness of a close relative. Fire or flood is also accepted as part of these unforeseen circumstances.

Take note that there are certain conditions that should be complied with prior to claiming under a pre-existing medical conditions insurance. Nevertheless, most travellers are taking a pre-existing medical conditions insurance before their departure date. This way, should anything unexpected happen during their vacation, they won’t have to be spending a huge amount in paying for medical expenditures.