A Complete List of Best Cruise Lines Worldwide

There are enjoyable ocean cruises, and then there are those spectacular ocean cruises that only the best seagoing vessels can provide. If you’re in search of the finest ocean cruise liners available, just choose from the list below.

Crystal Cruises
Crystal Cruises boasts some of the best personalities and staff of any cruise liner, and all the rooms have sufficient space for all your stuff, and the marble bathrooms are top of the line. Furthermore, Crystal Cruises have special penthouses with scenic ocean views, hot tubs and stunning Swarovski chandeliers.

Disney Cruise Line
Disney Cruise Line is the best family oriented cruise liner today, with nautical themed bathrooms that have separate toilets and showers. The theme extends to the dining rooms such as Lumiere’s (French), Parrot Cay (Caribbean) and Triton’s. There’s also an adults only onboard bar called Signals, proving it’s not just for children but adults too.

Silversea Cruises
Silversea Cruise ships make stops in Africa, Europe, Antarctica, the South Pacific and the Caribbean so you have a lot of options here. As a guest you’ll have a cabin filled with brass, soft leathers, etched glass and marble, but more than anything else, the cruise line is famous for its unique destinations, so one moment you’re cooling off under a desert night sky, and spotting penguins in the Antarctic the next.

Seven Seas Cruises
Seven Seas Cruises are famous for sailing to the ends of the Earth, taking you from the Panama Canal to Africa to the sights and sounds of the South Pacific to New Zealand. The cabins are large, spacious and comfortable with intricate wood panelling, balconies, down comforters, TVs and other amenities. The cruise line is also known for its friendly staff and the soothing spas.

Sea Dream Yacht Club
The Sea Dream Yacht Club sails to Europe and the Caribbean, and unlike other cruise ships, the yachts are comparatively small so you can get to know the other passengers better. What the yachts lack in size they more than make up for in the amenities as you get a casino, whirlpool and pool. These ships also stay in ports overnight, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the nightlife.

The Seabourn, comprised of six yacht fleets, are famous for the honey toned cabin wood design and proper use of space. No matter where the ship is headed, you will be serviced by friendly restaurant and housekeeping staff, and there are also special amenities and accommodation available onboard.

The primary attraction of the Windstar is its intimate nature and the impeccably prepared cabins laden with gold, white and crimson hues. There are also teak floors, porcelain sinks and granite countertops, plus helpful staff to serve you as you travel Central America and the Caribbean.

You can choose any of the cruise lines mentioned and you can’t go wrong, but what’s important is you get cruise travel insurance so if anything happens you’ll be well covered. While cruise travel insurance is often the last thing you want to think about while on vacation, you’ll be happy for it in case of an emergency.