Quit your job and travel

6 Reasons to Quit your Job and Travel

Travelling is becoming more and more popular every day making people take extraordinary measures to see the world. Some save for years, cutting unnecessary expenses to enjoy a fortnight long trip to the country of their dreams. Others act more radically; quitting their jobs, selling their property and heading off with nothing but a backpack. If you fancy the adventure of a lifetime, read on.

1. At the end of your life you’re more likely to regret what you didn’t do than what you actually did. Yes, your work is important but do you really want to spend the rest of your life kicking yourself because you were never brave enough to pack up and go?

2. Travelling gives you a wide view on the world and you will learn things you never expected. You will come back with far more knowledge and insight than you would if you had stayed at your job.

3. You will also discover new things about yourself. You’ll inevitably find yourself in situations that test you and you’ll come home a much wiser person.

4. It’ll make you braver and able to take on new things. It will probably be scary at first to leave your home comforts and throw yourself into something so new but it will make you stronger and able to take on anything when you return home.

5. You’ll have opportunities to do things that you would never have done at home. You’ll meet interesting people, discover new cultures and go to fascinating places. It’s a fantastic chance to broaden your horizons and you’ll learn all sorts of lessons on the way.

6. You’ll always be able to get a job when you get back. Once in a lifetime chances happen just that-once. Don’t hold on to the thought that you’re leaving behind something you’ll never get back because you’ll be more employable when you return as a more well-rounded person anyway.

Travelling has so many pros that this articles doesn’t even scratch the surface. Remember to plan well and organise reliable annual travel insurance to have a decent back up in case anything goes wrong, and then just go.