6 Benefits of Frequent Flyer Programs

If you have ever travelled by plane, you have probably thought about signing up for a frequent flyer program to learn miles for free travel. You may even already have a couple of frequent flyer cards in your wallet by now. Whether you’re not a member of such program yet or you are a member but are not that excited about the whole idea, these 6 benefits of frequent flyer programs may change your mind.

1. Cheaper Tickets

Most travellers using mileage currency redeem frequent flyer miles to book a flight. Airlines usually use special number to access flyer’s account and use the appropriate amount of miles when you purchase ticket.

2. Lounge Access

Some airlines let their frequent flyers enjoy complimentary access to some or all the airport lounges of their partners. Some members of the frequent flyer club can even invite guests to join them in the lounge. Conditions usually vary from an airline to airline.

3. Enhanced Seating Privileges

Sometimes airlines offer seating privileges to the members of frequent flyer program. This way, travellers are able to choose their seats on flights operated by the airline offering the program any time after booking. All they need to do is just pick available seat from reserved seat in within the booked cabin.

4. Extra checked baggage allowance

There are times when we simply need to pack more, when we move abroad or simply need to carry more stuff where we’re going to. For times like this, airlines offer an opportunity to increase checked baggage allowance.

5. Priority Check-in

When travelling with the frequent flyer card, travellers can check in at the airline counters when available, whether you are flying internationally or domestically.

6. Other Products

Also, note that depending on the airline, members can redeem their miles for cabin upgrades, retail consumption opportunitis, car rentals, hotel stays, vacation packages, etc.

To avoid any disappointments when booking a flight, keep in mind that many of the frequent flyer benefits can be subjects to blackout dates. This means that on some dates, when various travel awards and discounts are not available. Typically this dates fall around holidays and vacations seasons.

Also bear in mind that frequent flyer program benefits are usually only available to passengers on scheduled flights that are operated by the airline that issued frequent flyer card. To avoid any misunderstandings and mishaps, make sure you know all the terms of miles redemption and take out travel insurance that includes travel delay cover.