Travel-free travel

5 Tips for Trouble-Free Travel

If the travel bug has bit you, make sure to take the time to prepare before you pack up things and go. While travelling is a lot of fun, it can be a hassle if you’re not prepared, so follow these tips to avoid unpleasant surprises or difficulties.

1. Airline Tips

Book tickets as early as possible and notify the airline immediately if you need assistance. To avoid hassle, book the tickets online, and if possible book seats near the restroom. Finally, the earlier you book, the greater the chances of getting a nonstop flight, which is always better.

Don’t forget to visit the airline’s website and check what items are allowed onboard and what’s restricted. While certain items like firearms and hazardous chemicals are always forbidden, airline rules regarding other items like hair gel and electronic gadgets varies, so visit the website to learn what the policy is.

2. Explore Travel Transport Options

If you’re going to visit a lot of places, consider going on a bus tour or train as it can save you time. Also remember that you can always rent a car if you’re headed out to some far-flung locale. At the same time, don’t forget that there’s a lot of pleasure to be derived from walking, so get to know all available options.

No discussion of transport is complete without discussing currency, so check the conversion rate before departing. This won’t take too much time as there are plenty of conversion tools available.

3. Reserve a Room Early

If you’re handicapped or travelling with one, reserve a room on the first floor where all the amenities are located. Apart from the accommodation, you should choose a hotel that’s in close proximity to the places you plan to visit, and stay there for as long as possible as transferring can be a hassle.

4. Bring Enough Medication

No matter where you are going, always bring enough medication. Make sure that your meds will suffice for the whole trip, or better yet, bring enough supply to last a week longer than the trip. This might seem like overkill, but in the event that your medication is lost or stolen, you’ll still have some left in your carry-on.

5. Bring All the Necessary Documents

Make several copies of your passport so in case it’s stolen you’ll still be able to fly back home, and you might also want to leave a copy back home with a trusted family member. To provide further security, make a copy in your email so you can have quick access to it.

While preparing your documents, don’t forget to register with your country’s embassy so if there’s a problem your government will be able to reach you and bring you back home.

Last but not the least, you should get travel insurance with medical conditions. Nobody wants to think about getting sick while travelling, but it’s better to be prepared, and if you have travel insurance with medical conditions you can rest easy knowing you’re covered.