5 Essentials Your Wedding Travel Insurance Should Include

Exotic destination weddings are becoming more common these days. If the overseas wedding date is already set, then meticulous planning usually follows. The bridal gown, catering, flowers, venue, and guest list all need to be planned.  Despite all the preparation, many soon-to-be-married couples don’t include getting wedding travel insurance on their to-do list. It’s perhaps not surprising that purchasing essential travel insurance for destination weddings is not a priority for couples, but it should be. Because of the surging popularity of destination weddings, many travel insurance companies have come up with special packages specifically geared towards this market, and it really does make sense to purchase this peace of mind as soon as the date and destination are booked.

The importance of travel insurance cant be overstated, especially if you are planning your wedding overseas too. Travel insurance companies offer a comprehensive range of options to cover weddings being held abroad. Couples should choose travel insurance that provides sufficient coverage for their wedding-specific items and bear in mind that unexpected problems can occur.Insurance cover will provide added peace of mind during one of the most memorable and important life events.

Here are 5 essentials that wedding travel insurance should cover:

1. Wedding Rings


Extra coverage should be provided for wedding rings, which area significant element of the wedding ceremony as well as being valuable.Ensure the policy limit covers the cost of your bands in case they are lost, stolen, or damaged.

2. Medical Expenses


Emergency medical coverage is essential in your wedding travel insurance, which should include 24-hour medical assistance and emergency repatriation. It is best to be prepared for unexpected medical emergencies, even if it is the last thing that anyone could ever wish for on their special day.

3. Wedding Attire


This is especially important for the bride and groom and most policies provide significantly enhanced cover for wedding attire because it’s notoriously very expensive. Even though loss, damage or theft is the last thing you want to happen to your specially selected and fitted attire, at least your insurance will help cover the costs of replacement.

4. Lost or damaged gifts, photographs or videos


Wedding travel insurance should cover lost or damaged wedding gifts and your photographs and videos.  If for some unforeseen reason, your gifts or wedding photographs and videos are damaged or lost, travel insurance covers the expenses incurred by the couple.  This will at least provide some financial compensation, if disaster strikes.

5. Cancellation Cover


A comprehensive wedding insurance policy should provide cover in case of cancellation or postponement due to inclement weather or other unforeseen events. Other events that may result in cancellation or postponement of the wedding include illness or injury of an important participant of the wedding party and severe damage to the venue.

There is a lot of stress and worry associated with organising a wedding, especially if you have opted for a destination wedding and are planning it from thousands of miles away.  Choosing the best travel insurance ensures that the most valuable items are protected and wherever you decide to have your wedding, make sure you select your destination carefully checking the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website,