Summer trip

Are you making these 5 Early Summer Travel Mistakes?

Late Spring and early summer is an ideal time to travel. Depending on your travel preferences, there are many places around the world where this time of year is full of beautiful blooms, cultural festivals, or just quiet natural beauty. The temperature is warmer, but not uncomfortably hot like high summer.  It is the best time to explore cities and nature alike.

Travel at this time of year is increasingly popular as we all craves some good weather, but don’t fall for the common mistakes that travellers make when taking a late spring break. Here are 5 top summer travel mistakes and how to avoid them.

Not checking your destination’s average temperature


Nothing could be more annoying than arriving on holiday with the wrong clothes.  Spring weather is often changeable, so be prepared for all eventualities, even when heading for a warm climate. If you plan to travel at this time of year, remember that springtime in March, April and May relates to the Northern Hemisphere.  If you plan to travel further afield, particularly to countries in the Southern Hemisphere with tropical and sub-tropical climates, always check what’s in store weather-wise.  More often than not, the weather seasons are classified as dry and wet.  Don’t risk experiencing monsoon rains, or the highest humidity rates during your holiday, unless that’s what you planned!

Not having adequate travel insurance in place


Spring and early summer is a popular travel season, especially for families and students.  Getting travel insurance is important so you are covered for unforeseen emergencies such as losing your passport, money, flight cancellations, or worse, a medical emergency. Choose travel insurance that suits your specific needs: so check the value of baggage you are taking and the cost of your holiday and make the right choice on the cover available. Don’t forget to carry relevant documents and emergency contact details with you on your trip.

Going to very crowded beaches filled with students on Spring and Summer  Break

crowded beach

Late spring and summer time is when thousands of American and many European university students find an excuse to party and sometimes overindulge.  It’s great to laze on a warm, sunny beach, but if you prefer a relaxed, quiet environment, then avoid popular Spring Break hotspots like Cancun, Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Ibiza.

Booking accommodation that turns out to be huge disappointment


During this busy travel season, and in fact at any time, it is easy to be lured into booking what you think is ‘bargain’ accommodation that turns out very different to what you expected.  Websites with photos taken at clever angles, or promises of a “room with a view” may not entirely live up to expectations. Research well, use reputable providers and check trusted Review sites before you book.

Drinking responsibly


Warm weather destinations lend themselves to a cool, refreshing cocktail or long cool drink, especially whilst you are on holiday.  However, always drink responsibly, so that you stay safe and well and also to make sure that you remember the whole experience. Something that holidaymakers don’t think about is that if you have an accident or injury after drinking too much, your travel insurance company may not pay the medical bills because you could be seen as having put yourself at needless, or wilful risk. You could end up paying thousands for the sake of drinking too much.

Be wise and don’t slip into making these common travel mistakes. Travel safe and enjoy your holidays! Wherever you chose to travel, visit the FCO website on health and safety abroad,