10 Reasons to Go Backpacking

Travelling is one of the best luxuries in life but very few get to go on that month-long vacation half-way across the world. However, you don’t always need to pack your whole home into heavy suitcases. Backpacking can be just as fulfilling, if not even more. The backpacking community is quite welcoming and there are just so many good reasons why you should give it a try, even just for one time in your life.

You’re bringing everything with you

The defining factor to backpacking is that everything you need and want is on your back. You’ll be travelling a lot so you don’t need to bring your whole world. Just bring the essentials and you’ll be fine. The cool thing about backpacks is that they have little compartments to keep all your personal belongings well organized.

You’ll see the world

Relaxing vacations can be great but backpacking opens up the opportunity to see the whole world. You’ll never stay in one spot for long and you can expect to visit all sorts of tourist spots and amazing locales throughout your journey.

Social options abound

Visiting country after country, you’re bound to meet some great people. That’s one of the beauties of backpacking – you’ll meet hundreds of people along the way. Some might be locals, others might be fellow backpackers. Go meet a new friend or maybe even that special someone.

Freedom to be yourself

You’re on the road so take that opportunity to be yourself. Reinvent who you are, rediscover who you want to be, and let that identity flourish while you trek on your journey.

There’s something new all the time

One of the most undeniable reasons to go backpacking is that every day is a new adventure. One moment you could be standing in the ancient Roman Coliseum, while in the next you could be sipping exquisite coffee in France.

It’s Cheaper than you think

Backpacking is a lot cheaper than you think. Trekking across the landmass with just a pack on your back won’t cost you thousands. By learning hbb v6 rolex day date rolex calibre 2836 m118348 0014 mens black dial to use public transportation, bicycles, and sleeping with a backpack as a pillow will guarantee you affordable fun.

Tourism for the local economy

Every place you visit marks you as a tourist. That makes you an asset to the country since you’ll be making their place richer just by being there. Each night in a local hotel, each meal in a local cafe, and each ride on local transportation helps their economy boom.

Plenty of fun challenges

A good reason to backpack is to simply challenge. You’ll need to think of new ways of getting around, learn new languages, and engaging a knockout post different cultures. It can be difficult but you’ll never feel it that way.

Ease of transport

As mentioned above, everything is in your backpack but this also means you’ll find it easier to get around. Now you can hike, ride bikes, and move from one spot to the other without having to haul heavy luggage.

Photos galore!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and you’ll be able to take hundreds of beautiful pictures everywhere you go. Those are moments that can never be taken away from you.

Just stay safe

Backpacking is fun and adventurous but you also need to stay safe. Backpacker insurance is designed specifically for the avid traveller and is one of the things you’ll need to pack along with your clothes and flashlight. Backpacker insurance will keep your mind at peace so that the only financial concern you should have is whether or not you should pick shrimps over chicken!